Real Time SMART Vulnerability Managment

Application security control in an all-in-one dashboard

AppSec Phoenix Dashboard

SMART Application Security

Get peace of mind and identify vulnerabilities using our patent-pending AI and industry insight tool. AppSec Phoenix helps you to identify cyber risks and protect every endpoint. It delivers automatic vulnerability detection and remediation, risk-based assessment, and continual visibility – all on a single platform.


Get a birds’ eye view and single pane of glass of your vulnerabilities, regardless of how much
your code, libraries, endpoint and cloud you have and where.


Prioritise vulnerabilities based on factors including exploitability, internal/external, age, neighbor risk and time to fix and advanced threat feed all in one risk formula.

Tools Maintenance
Fix & remediate

Spend less time identifying which vulnerabilities pose the most significant
threat and work to fix the issue faster.

Fix misconfigurations at the touch of a button


Our single platform features near-real-time data, allowing for continuous execution and creation of assessment from a single place

Maximise Focus

Maximise security focus and improve efficiency when remediating vulnerabilities.

Fix vulnerabilities up 20-30% time faster with the focus of Phoenix. 


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Contextual visualization of vulnerability with application view and aggregation of different type


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Prioritize vulnerabilities based on the proven methodology and external threat feed. Spend less time identifying the vulnerability that would cause the most damage and identify a fix
Tools Maintenance

FiX & remediate

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Vew details of vulnerabilities and apply remediation at the push of a button


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Maximize security focus of developer and their time on remediating vulnerabilities

Maximize Focus

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Maximize security focus of developer and their time on remediating vulnerabilities

Sara, CISO

Sara is a busy CISO who wants to have an overview of the application security status of her organisation. 

AppSec Phoenix provided Sara with the following benefits:

A clear overview of application risk

Means of convincing developers to prioritise application security fixeES

An effective way to communicate the importance of managing vulnerability to her board

Reassuring real-time proof that the company’s app is secure

Beautiful woman and her employees
Solving problems

James And Karla, Lead Developers

James and Karla work in development and want to know which vulnerability they should address at the beginning of each sprint.

Using AppSec Phoenix, James and Karla were able to determine:

Which vulnerability to prioritise and what to fix next

How to fix security vulnerabilities going forward

The status of their security fix reports

The importance of spending time on security fixes

Don’t Use Individual Tools – Get Everything You Need in One Location

You only need one interface to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. Our integrated approach provides a wealth of security features in one location, eliminating the need for multiple agents. Our AI technology can suggest the most effective resolution to remediate vulnerabilities, giving you peace of mind that your software is safe from damage.

AppSec Phoenix is designed to enhance the efficacy of your broader vulnerability management efforts with state-of-the-art vulnerability, misconfiguration, and risky software detection.

Dashboard Style

Get in Control

Visualise vulnerabilities and examine monetary impact and risk. Communicate effectively with application teams and developers based on near-real-time data.

Manage And Avoid Vulnerabilities Categorised Risk Details

Get a clear overview of potential risks with individual risk categories


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Stylianos Kampakis

AI LEAD @AppSec Phoenix
Dr Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis is an expert data scientist with more than 10 years of experience in the field of AI and data science. He has worked with companies of all sizes from startups to organisations like Vodafone and British Land. 

He is a member of the Royal Statistical Society, honorary research fellow at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, a data science advisor for London Business School.

A natural polymath, with a PhD in Machine Learning and degrees in Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Psychology, and Economics he loves using his broad skillset to solve difficult problems and help companies improve their efficiency.
Sandy Wynd
AppSec Phoenix CFO
Alexander (Sandy) Wynd
AppSec Phoenix CFO

Sandy graduated from Edinburgh University with a degree in Chemical Physics and then qualified as a Chartered Accountant. After qualification he joined KPMG in Hong Kong followed by a long career with HSBC in a number of roles across Operations, Transformation, Finance and Risk. In addition to Asia and UK he has worked in USA and also in South Africa where he was Chief Operating Officer for HSBC in sub-Saharan Africa. He has also been an Angel Investor for 10 years focusing on companies introducing new technologies into their respective markets. You can also validate my membership of ICAEW … input my full name ALEXANDER WYND Find A Chartered Accountant (

Sandy has also been an Angel Investor for 10 years focusing on companies introducing new technologies into their respective markets.
Alfonso Eusebio
CTO @ AppSec Phoenix
Alfonso Eusebio
AppSec Phoenix CTO

Alfonso brings the experience of running international teams for multi-million and technologically advanced projects for Telefonica, IBM and IBM

Alfonso started coding commercially before leaving high school and continued while studying for his Business Administration and Computer Science degrees. Subsequently Alfonso held EMEA positions with Data General/EMC, Intershop and Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions, leading customer success activities with medium and large clients across Europe. He has also been instrumental in digital transformations with Vodafone, IBM and Telefónica; shifting focus to SaaS applications, Big Data and Machine Learning over the last six years. Alfonso is a keen user and supporter of open source, and hands-on with a wide range of technologies, from programming languages (C/C++, Kotlin, Typescript, Rust, PHP) to frameworks and infrastructure (Angular, Ktor, MySQL, Linux, Docker, AWS, GCP).
Berlinda is a seasoned product and business analyst with keen eye for client priorities and a strong grip on the roadmap

Francesco Cipollone

Founder NSC42 and Security Phoenix

Francesco, is a serial entrepreneur founder of NSC42, Security Phoenix, and Head of Cloud Security Alliance UK. Francesco has previously co-founded and existed the Italian startup Technet SrL. Francesco is a cybersecurity expert, previously he held CISO and Executive position at HSBC, Elexon, BT, Vodafone and the UN. Francesco is also the host of the Cyber Security Cloud Podcast that has prestigious guests and now at season 2 with more than 1K download per month