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Unlocking Vulnerability Management with Phoenix Security VULNCHECK KEV and links to EPSS to understand the methods of attacks used in popular exploits


Phoenix Security's VulnCheck Data Explorer revolutionizes cybersecurity management by providing an extensive, real-time catalog of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV), significantly surpassing CISA KEV coverage. With over 80% more vulnerabilities tracked and alerts issued 27 days in advance of CISA updates, it offers unparalleled early warning capabilities. The platform delivers actionable intelligence, enriched with detailed exploit references from VulnCheck KEV, enabling engineers to build robust detections quickly.

Enhance your cybersecurity posture with Phoenix Security’s integration of VulnCheck Data Explorer, the ultimate tool for navigating the complex landscape of digital threats. Designed to serve enterprises, government entities, and cybersecurity vendors, our platform revolutionizes how organizations detect, prioritize, and mitigate vulnerabilities that have been exploited in the wild. Phoenix Security, in partnership with VulnCheck, provides access to an expansive catalog of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV), including and surpassing those identified by CISA KEV, offering unparalleled breadth and speed in vulnerability management.

Phoenix Security’s VulnCheck Data Explorer stands out by tracking over 80% more vulnerabilities exploited in the wild than CISA KEV, alerting users to critical threats an average of 27 days before they’re acknowledged by CISA. This early warning system is invaluable for first responders in the cybersecurity field, enabling more effective and timely countermeasures against exploits.

Our platform is not just about numbers; it’s about actionable intelligence. With the largest real-time collection of known exploited vulnerabilities, Phoenix Security equips teams with the data needed to stay ahead. The integration with VulnCheck XDB enriches this dataset by providing detailed exploit references and external links to proof-of-concept code, enhancing the ability of engineers to develop robust detections and deploy them swiftly to defenders.

Understanding the “why” behind a vulnerability’s exploitation is crucial. That’s why Phoenix Security’s VulnCheck Data Explorer includes comprehensive citations for each CVE, offering insights into the involvement of threat actors, ransomware groups, or botnets. This context is essential for security teams seeking a deeper understanding of the threats they face and crafting more effective defense strategies.

Leverage Phoenix Security’s VulnCheck Data Explorer to navigate the evolving threat landscape with confidence. Our platform empowers you with the fastest, most comprehensive vulnerability intelligence, ensuring your organization remains resilient against the exploits that threaten the digital world today.

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Harness the Power of EPSS and VULNCHECK KEV with Phoenix Security's VulnCheck Data Explorer

Correlation between Known Exploited Vulnerabilities and CWE reveals key information on the methods of attacks over the years

Phoenix Security’s VulnCheck Data Explorer offers an unparalleled solution for prioritizing and mitigating cybersecurity threats. Leveraging the most comprehensive data on Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) enriched by VULNCHECK KEV with 3x more exploits from CISA KEV, and the Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS), our platform ensures that enterprises, government entities, and cybersecurity vendors can act swiftly against vulnerabilities with confirmed exploits.

Proactive Defense with Real-Time Data The integration of VulnCheck KEV into Phoenix Security’s ecosystem provides an essential tool for the cybersecurity arsenal. By focusing on vulnerabilities that have been exploited in the wild, our users gain a critical advantage, prioritizing responses to the most pressing threats. With an extensive database that includes a significant number of vulnerabilities not yet cataloged by CISA, VulnCheck KEV offers early warning alerts, giving our clients the lead time needed for effective response and remediation.

Intelligence That Translates to Action Phoenix Security’s Data Explorer doesn’t just inform; it empowers. With detailed exploit references from VulnCheck and actionable intelligence, cybersecurity teams can understand the context behind each vulnerability, crafting defenses that are both robust and timely. Our platform ensures that every piece of data, from EPSS scores to exploit confirmations, is leveraged to enhance security postures, streamline workflows, and protect against the dynamic landscape of cyber threats.

Stay Ahead with Phoenix Security In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, information is your strongest asset. Phoenix Security’s VulnCheck Data Explorer turns data into defense, providing the insights needed to stay one step ahead of attackers. Experience the future of vulnerability management today and secure your operations with the most advanced, efficient, and comprehensive solution available.


For more details on VULNCHECK KEV refer to this link

Deeper analysis of VULNCHECK KEV Methodologies of attacks across the full dataset


Phoenix Security’s VulnCheck KEV visualization tool is revolutionizing how cybersecurity professionals prioritize their efforts based on the category of software and the effort required for mitigation. By categorizing vulnerabilities from the KEV and CISA databases, alongside EPSS scores, this tool offers a clear and actionable overview of where the greatest risks lie and which vulnerabilities demand immediate attention. The visualization makes it easy to identify high-risk areas within software categories, enabling teams to allocate their resources more effectively and focus on patches that will have the most significant impact on their security posture. This strategic approach not only optimizes the workflow but also significantly reduces the window of opportunity for attackers to exploit known vulnerabilities. Phoenix Security is empowering organizations to stay ahead of threats with this efficient, targeted, and intelligent prioritization strategy.

More details on VULNCHECK and CISA KEV

Get in-depth insights into CISA’s recent KEV ransomware alert. Learn about targeted vendors, exploited products and vulnerabilities with a focus on data and effective remediation strategies. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats.
Francesco Cipollone
With cyber threats growing in sophistication, understanding exploitability has become crucial for security teams to prioritize vulnerabilities effectively. This article explores the key factors that influence the likelihood of exploits in the wild, including attack vectors, complexity levels, privileges required, and more. You’ll learn how predictive scoring systems like EPSS are bringing added dimensions to vulnerability analysis, going beyond static scores. We discuss the importance of monitoring verified threat feeds and exploiting trends from reliable sources, instead of getting distracted by unverified claims and noise. Adopting a risk-based approach to prioritization is emphasized, where critical vulnerabilities are addressed not just based on CVSS severity, but also their likelihood of being exploited and potential business impact. Recent major exploits like Log4Shell are highlighted to stress the need for proactive security. Equipped with the insights from this guide, you’ll be able to implement a strategic, data-backed approach to focusing on the most pertinent risks over the barrage of vulnerabilities.
Francesco Cipollone

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CISA, CISA KEV, Application Security Application security program Vulnerability management CWE, ransomware cwe

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CISA, CISA KEV, Application Security Application security program Vulnerability management CWE, ransomware cwe


CISA, CISA KEV, Application Security Application security program Vulnerability management ransomware cwe

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In his role, Jeevan handles a range of tasks, from architecting security solutions to collaborating with Engineering Leadership to address security vulnerabilities at scale and embed security into the fabric of the organization.

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Jim Manico is the founder of Manicode Security, where he trains software developers on secure coding and security engineering. Jim is also the founder of Brakeman Security, Inc. and an investor/advisor for Signal Sciences. He is the author of Iron-Clad Java: Building Secure Web Applications (McGraw-Hill), a frequent speaker on secure software practices, and a member of the JavaOne Rockstar speaker community. Jim is also a volunteer for and former board member of the OWASP foundation.

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