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The only free risk-based application security management and prioritization platform.

What's included





For growing and medium enterprises that want to control application security and manage vulnerabilities with a concise security team.

What's included



For larger teams needing more analysis and worklfow, actionable insights, and monetization to prioritize millions of vulnerabilities in a few clicks.


What's included

* Asset credits might consume a different numbers of credits depending on the asset type 

** Cyber threat intelligence and advanced cyber threat intelligence is a feed that might require additional add on 

*** Unlimited is available till December 2023

what are you.
Phoenix Free
What’s included
1000/1620 (OWASP)
(integrations to scanners)
2 + Web & API Assessment
Unlimited standard
Unlimited standard
and Advanced
Additional Features
Threat Intel
Advanced Exploitability
(Density, Exploit DB)
Likelihood of Exploitation
Evidence of Exploit
Popularity of Exploit
CWE popularity
Advanced Exploitability
(Density, Exploit DB)
Likelihood of Exploitation
Evidence of Exploit
Popularity of Exploit
CWE popularity
Risk Graph
Cyber Risk Graph,
Application Composition with Risk graph
Cyber Risk Graph,
Application Composition with Risk graph
Analytics / Reports
Dashboard Only
Full Report + Full Dashboard
Search 2 Report
Customizable Report **
Full Dashboard
Slack with SLA
Priority Slack
Priority Email
Cusomer Success
Google SSO, Authenticator
SMS, Authenticator, Custom SSO
Authenticator, SSO, RBAC
Platform Feature
Dashboard Remediation
Dashboard Prioritization
Risk per app
Dashboard Prioritization
Remediation Risk
per app
Threat feed / Honeynet
Industry Competition
0 day
SaaS dedicated
Access & advanced Features
Artificial Intelligence / Insights
Tech Stack AI
Deduplication AI
Tech Stack AI
Suggestions (risk per
AI Suggestions (risk per
Remediation Time
0 day alert
Twitter Sentiment
CI / CD Integration
CI/ CD Integration
Plugins **
Threat Model
Base Questions Mitigation Items
Vulnerability Import
API Vulnerability import
Pentest/Redteam Import
API Vulnerability import
ImportUser API
Vulnerabilities CSV
Vulnerabilities API
Pentest Alliance**
Pentest Invite**
Rev Engineer Tech
0 day
Tech stack

Startup Phoenix program

Are you an early-stage company?

The Phoenix Security Startup package is essential for any small, growing business. In this challenging period, our special offer aims to get you started on your journey to improve visibility and ACT on application and Cloud security vulnerabilities.

*Terms and conditions apply (you must qualify as a startup to leverage this package)

Frequently asked questions

  • Phoenix Security allows payments with invoices. 
  • Phoenix Security allows recurring invoices to be paid monthly with a minimum annual commitment.

Phoenix Security offers a yearly contract with an option to pay monthly (*conditions apply).

Yes, Phoenix Security likes to support startups with discounts and flexible payment conditions. Contact us through this form to find out more (insert startup form link).

Under special circumstances Phoenix Security allows different payment methods and terms. Please get in touch with us so we can identify and discuss the best-fit solution for your business.

Phoenix Security comes with a bundle of services, with the option to pay for additional services separately:

  • Dark web monitoring for your account
  • Dark web monitoring for your identities
  • 3rd party supply chain posture
  • External attack surface scans and posture monitoring 
  • Cyber threat intelligence premium and enterprise
  • Professional DevSecOps and configuration services to best help you configure the application and fine tune it

Contact us at or sales at

Yes, you can upgrade your licence at any time during the application process by contacting us at

The Phoenix Security support team will help you in the first few weeks to identify and discover how many assets you have.

The Phoenix Security support team will help you get started. We offer unlimited support for the first 2 weeks.

Yes, you can start evaluating the platform by using the freemium licence if your organization qualifies, and move to a different tier at a later date. 

Startups have the option to pay monthly on the professional plan, providing the qualification terms are met.

Contact us at


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Derek Fisher

Head of product security at a global fintech

Derek Fisher – Head of product security at a global fintech. Speaker, instructor, and author in application security.

Derek is an award winning author of a children’s book series in cybersecurity as well as the author of “The Application Security Handbook.” He is a university instructor at Temple University where he teaches software development security to undergraduate and graduate students. He is a speaker on topics in the cybersecurity space and has led teams, large and small, at organizations in the healthcare and financial industries. He has built and matured information security teams as well as implemented organizational information security strategies to reduce the organizations risk.

Derek got his start in the hardware engineering space where he learned about designing circuits and building assemblies for commercial and military applications. He later pursued a computer science degree in order to advance a career in software development. This is where Derek was introduced to cybersecurity and soon caught the bug. He found a mentor to help him grow in cybersecurity and then pursued a graduate degree in the subject.

Since then Derek has worked in the product security space as an architect and leader. He has led teams to deliver more secure software in organizations from multiple industries. His focus has been to raise the security awareness of the engineering organization while maintaining a practice of secure code development, delivery, and operations.

In his role, Jeevan handles a range of tasks, from architecting security solutions to collaborating with Engineering Leadership to address security vulnerabilities at scale and embed security into the fabric of the organization.

Jeevan Singh

Founder of Manicode Security

Jeevan Singh is the Director of Security Engineering at Rippling, with a background spanning various Engineering and Security leadership roles over the course of his career. He’s dedicated to the integration of security practices into software development, working to create a security-aware culture within organizations and imparting security best practices to the team.
In his role, Jeevan handles a range of tasks, from architecting security solutions to collaborating with Engineering Leadership to address security vulnerabilities at scale and embed security into the fabric of the organization.

James Berthoty

Founder of Latio Tech

James Berthoty has over ten years of experience across product and security domains. He founded Latio Tech to help companies find the right security tools for their needs without vendor bias.

Christophe Parisel

Senior Cloud Security Architect

Senior Cloud Security Architect

Chris Romeo

Security Journey

Chris Romeo is a leading voice and thinker in application security, threat modeling, and security champions and the CEO of Devici and General Partner at Kerr Ventures. Chris hosts the award-winning “Application Security Podcast,” “The Security Table,” and “The Threat Modeling Podcast” and is a highly rated industry speaker and trainer, featured at the RSA Conference, the AppSec Village @ DefCon, OWASP Global AppSec, ISC2 Security Congress, InfoSec World and All Day DevOps. Chris founded Security Journey, a security education company, leading to an exit in 2022. Chris was the Chief Security Advocate at Cisco, spreading security knowledge through education and champion programs. Chris has twenty-six years of security experience, holding positions across the gamut, including application security, security engineering, incident response, and various Executive roles. Chris holds the CISSP and CSSLP certifications.

Jim Manico

Founder of Manicode Security

Jim Manico is the founder of Manicode Security, where he trains software developers on secure coding and security engineering. Jim is also the founder of Brakeman Security, Inc. and an investor/advisor for Signal Sciences. He is the author of Iron-Clad Java: Building Secure Web Applications (McGraw-Hill), a frequent speaker on secure software practices, and a member of the JavaOne Rockstar speaker community. Jim is also a volunteer for and former board member of the OWASP foundation.

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